sweetgreen salads
sweetgreen salads has been at the forefront of the fast-casual dining scene since they opened. They knew to stay ahead of the curve they needed to build experiences that truly fosters connection at scale 
and kept the customer living their best #sweetlife.
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Gin Lane
sweetgreen salads
Designer (iOS Focused)
#sweetlife – The Connected Hub
sweetgreen is everywhere - in-store, social media, native apps,
dot coms, events, and beyond. Those need to seamlessly connect - to scale the business and the relationships.

We designed to guarentee a frictionless and fluid experience
from any touchpoint. This system was a unique unification point across sweetgreen.
Finance - the Language
sweetgreen shared our strong stance in being mission-driven and customer-first. We were working towards effectively translating their belief system into a digital product that doesn’t feel artificial.

We were powered with data to design with the understanding 
of the needs and values of the customers while also working to bring forward the larger mission and vision that sweetgreen champions.
Scaling Loyalty – Connection, Storytelling, Recognition
sweetgreen wants to have a true connection to their customers so they can empower them to live their best life. They crave a true human connect with each and everyone one of their customers.

We explored ways for the sweetgreen team to bring the core principles of a #sweetlife to their audience in a myriad of ways that are fun, transparent and educational.
sweetgreen launched the redesigned and rebuilt app in the spring 
of 2018. It received recognition from publications like Interbrand, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Customers were also excited and hungry - as the new saw an immediate increase in app downloads and purchases via the iOS app. The app has maintained a 4.9 rating in the App Store since then.
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