Nike By You
Nike By You is about empowering every Nike customer 
to celebrate and showcase their individuality. We designed 
a system that gives users the tools they need to design and the confidence to create what they have want to wear.
Customize Your Own –
Product Designer
Getting Responsive
This redesign was focused on getting Nike By You on a responsive design system. Making sure that we built the entire ecosystem that was adapting to the needs of every new customer and the devices they were creating on.
Simplifying the Studio
The studio experience was the core. While focused on the goal
to simplify the Studio as a whole, we also wanted to emphasize the quality and innovation Nike is known for was showcased.

We crafted a flexible experience that make every customer confident in their creation that arrived in their mailbox.
Once the culture began to embrace streetwear again - we saw
the opportunity to bring social and editorial content into this evolution of Nike By You. We built a set of experiences that helps to keep inspiration flowing and exploration abundant.
The overhaul of Nike By You was launched in early 2017 and has been a key growth driver for the our partners. The platform
has continued to evolve as one of Nike’s signature offerings - with customers being able to customize hundreds of products.

Additionally, Nike has brought the core of the Nike By You
platform into the real world - now offering on-site customization in several of their flagship stores around the world.
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